San Francisco Bay Area Superior Courts

This is a quick list of links to Bay Area County Superior courts.   San Francisco County Superior Court Alameda County Superior Court Alameda County Case Lookup Contra Costa County Superior Court Contra Costa Open Access Case Lookup Sacramento County Superior...

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Divorce Alternative – Legal Separation

Divorce Alternative – Legal Separation

A legal separation won't end a marriage or domestic partnership. Unlike divorce or dissolution, in cases of a legal separation, the marriage or domestic partnership remains unbroken, prohibiting the parties from remarriage or entering a new domestic partnership. Legal...

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Cohabitants Beware

Regardless of whether they have a romantic or sexual relationship, is cohabitators beware. Before you hand your apartment keys over to your friend or lover, it is good practice to make sure you understand what you could be facing down the road. We suggest you consult with an attorney if any of these situations apply to you and a significant other.

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Don’t Hate, Mediate.

You may be surprised to know that spouses or registered domestic partners are not required to retain individual representation to get divorced or dissolve their partnership in California.

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