The holidays are a very difficult time for many, especially if you are going through or have recently gone through a divorce. Meal planning, holiday festivities, and visits from family and friends add to the challenges of everyday life.

Reduce the stress on you, your child/ children, and your relationship with your partner during this time of year by creating a clear and specific custody arrangement.

A lawyer who specializes in child custody arrangements can help you create a fair and equitable holiday or birthday schedule. It is never too late to plan one, and the results of having one may offer you peace of mind and the ability to plan in advance.

Consider These Factors when Drawing Up a Holiday Custody Arrangement

  • Keep a calendar of holiday schedules to keep everyone on track.
  • Consider dividing school vacations and alternating years for a clear custody routine. On even-numbered years, one parent gets custody of the children for vacation; on odd-numbered years, custody switches to the other parent.
  • Write specific times and locations for pick up and drop off.
  • Plan more vacation time during holidays and summer for the parent who does not have primary custody.
  • Create a colorful calendar for your child/children so they know the schedule. Consider marking the days with one parent in one color and the days with the other parent in another color.
  • Consult a family law attorney to make sure all wording is clear, explicit, and legally binding.

At the end of the day, your decisions on custody should be based on the decision that is best for your child/children. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of such a huge change in family life but every decision should be based on creating the most stable and healthy environment for your offspring.

Mendes Law, PC has experience in child custody matters and can help ensure that your parental rights are protected and respected. If you would like more information about creating or editing a holiday custody arrangement, contact us.

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