Not all marriages are created equal, and neither are all divorces. California law allows for an expedited divorce process, called a “summary dissolution” under certain specific circumstances.

To qualify for a summary dissolution, all of the following must be true:

  • You were married for 5 years or less;
  • You have no children that are a product of your marriage;
  • You do not own any real estate, and your lease ends within one year;
  • Your community debts do not exceed $6,000;
  • Your community assets do not exceed $45,000 (do not include any vehicles);
  • Your separate assets do not exceed $45,000 (do not include any vehicles);
  • You waive any rights to spousal support;
  • You have an agreement regarding asset and debt distribution and assignment.

If these circumstances apply to you, you can achieve your divorce with less court filing fees, much less paperwork, much more cheaply, with significantly less acrimony, and within the statutory 6-month waiting period. We suggest you consult with an attorney to make sure your situation falls squarely within these, (and other) guidelines, and that you move through the process as efficiently as possible.

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