My daughter and her wife had the hardest time getting pregnant.  They went through 1 inseminations, none of which led to a viable pregnancy.  Then, they went through in vitro fertilization, daily shots that left excruciatingly painful marks, hormonal influxes to kill an elephant, followed by the implantation procedure.

Lucky for us all, that this implantation took, and what seemed like ten months later, my daughter delivered a healthy baby.  My daughter and her wife went through all of the pain, agony, and finally joy together.

When my grandchild was born, immediately, however, I was appalled to learn that my daughter-in-law, who had been married to my daughter all the time they were trying to get pregnant, who shared in the phenomenal expenses of this new birth, was not even considered by California law to be the child’s parent.  The law presumes that a married man is the father of a newborn; there is no such presumption with same-sex married persons.

Immediately, I prepared the paperwork for my daughter and her wife to take to court for my daughter-in-law to be the adoptive parent of my grandson.

If you need help adopting, at Mendes Weed, we feel adoption is a joyous occasion.  We would love to share in your joy.  Please allow us to help you adopt.

We are also experienced in step-parent adoptions, including the adoption of adults.  What better way is there to show that special someone, a former child that you parented, that you love them dearly than by adoption.  Yes, adults can be adopted too!

Whether you are or were the foster parent, the step-parent, or the grandparent, Mendes Law, PC would love to help you adopt.

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