The #MeToo movement is gaining strong momentum since its inception in the fall of 2017. We’ve witnessed it in the workplace, on social media, on TV, among fellow students, and on the playing field. It is broadening awareness among adolescents, teens, and adults that sexual harassment is not to be tolerated and that victims are not to be silenced.

Our history of hiding or not bringing to light sexual assault and harassment has come to a halting stop, with brave individuals bringing attention to their abuse. Now, more than ever, the #MeToo movement to support victims and stop sexual abuse and harassment, is in full force.

The #MeToo Movement has Gone Viral

Time magazine acknowledged the women who have spoken up about their abuse as their Person of the Year. These “Silence Breakers” created a pivotal movement that has allowed other victims of abuse to come forward.

There are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and websites devoted to supporting victims, many of whom would have continued to remained silent and undergo more suffering without the courage of the women of the #MeToo Movement.

Support for Victims in Need of a Civil Harassment Restraining Order

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual harassment, you do not have to suffer in silence. If you are afraid of retaliation or losing your job or scared about how reporting harassment may affect you, it is best that you contact a lawyer familiar with harassment. He or she can offer support and guidance and help you with a Civil Harassment Restraining Order

Contact Mendes Law, PC

Lisa Mendes is an attorney experienced with helping individuals obtain a civil harassment restraining order to protect them against abuse. Please contact us immediately if would like more information about how a civil harassment restraining order may protect you. We are on your side and advocate on the part of our clients to protect your rights.

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