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Indiana Inpatient Rehab is a top-rated treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction. At our Indiana addiction treatment center, we follow a highly effective model of inpatient and outpatient treatment program to treat individuals battling with addiction.

Can addiction have different effects on men and women?

Yes, the effects of addiction differ with men and women, and it is one of the important factors of consideration before examining an individual for substance abuse. For instance, substance abuse in men includes the use of marijuana and alcohol, while women are more likely to abuse prescription drugs. The root cause for addiction also varies between both the genders.

Men usually abuse drugs for benefits like improved focus and concentration, improvement in sexual performance, etc. On the other hand, women use drugs to process a traumatic experience or to overcome the memories of an abusive relationship, etc. Women often use alcohol/drugs as a route of escapism from painful emotions and traumatic incidents. Women often present with more severe co-occurring mental health disorders than men due to mood swings and anxiety issues. Hence both genders require different treatment approaches to help individuals attain lasting sobriety.

Tips to prevent drug relapse

Having a clear plan helps maintain sobriety after rehab. Some of the essential tips that we offer recovering addicts at our Indiana addiction treatment center to prevent relapse are:

  • Analyze and make a note of what triggers you so that you can avoid them
  • Surround yourself with a strong network of supportive well-wishers, family members, and sober friends
  • Stay close to family, close friends and counseling therapists
  • Maintain a physically active lifestyle with exercise, yoga, etc
  • Develop a healthy diet and follow it religiously
  • Develop and maintain a healthy and regular sleep cycle
  • Indulge in hobbies and past times to overcome stress and anxiety

Changing your phone number and giving it only to those who support your sobriety is a practical option to avoid relapse. Most importantly stay away from people who that do not support you in recovery.

What happens to my social life after rehab?

Your old social circle that once encouraged the use of drugs/alcohol is no longer good for you. Re-joining them will not serve your best interests and may even sabotage your recently achieved sobriety. Stay away from all kinds and types of destructive influences.

It can be challenging to isolate the friends that were once very close to you. However, the sooner you build a sober, positive, and new support network, the better it is for your mental wellbeing and sobriety. Attend as many NA/AA meetings so that you can meet new people battling with similar evils like you. Develop closer bonds with members of your family and hang out only with quality people that have your wellbeing at heart.

Call the Indiana Inpatient Rehab for more details on our inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. At our Indiana addiction treatment center, we offer integrated treatment services to help patients overcome addiction as well as the co-occurring mental health problems if any.

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