fiance visa Houston

fiance visa Houston

If you are thinking about marrying that special girl that you met overseas, pump the breaks! A marriage visa is more expensive and takes more time than a fiance visa in Houston. Although it seems almost counter-intuitive that a fiance visa would be processed faster than a marriage visa, that’s exactly how it works! On average, fiance visas get processed 6-8 months faster than marriage visas. What’s the difference? How do you know which visa is right for you?

A marriage visa is for two people who have already been married, presumably in another country. A fiance visa is for two people who have met in another country and are currently engaged to get married. If you can wait to marry your sweetheart until you get her or him back to the United States, it will make the process much faster!

Why You Need an Immigration Attorney for a Fiance Visa in Houston

Perhaps you have met the guy or gal of your dreams in another country, and you are ready to bring her back to the United States. Great for you! Unfortunately, with the Trump administration, it’s harder than ever to get a new immigrant visa approved. In fact, many people who have gone through the immigration process in recent years have said that it seems USCIS is looking for ways to deny applications.

Because immigration is currently harder than ever before, and because USCIS is eager to deny your fiance visa application, you must be careful to cross all of your ‘T’s and dot all of you ‘i’s.

More than 30% of all fiance visa applications have been rejected in recent years. This amounts to more than 20k rejected finance visas! The good news is that you can maximize your chances of having your fiance visa approved by having an experienced immigration attorney on your side. If you are filing for a fiance visa in Houston, contact Fong Ilagan today. We can help you cross all of your ‘T’s and dot all of your ‘i’s.

Why are So Many Fiance Visas Denied?

The irony of the situation is that the #1 cause for fiance visa application denial is human error. In other words, it’s the administrative mistakes that people make when they are filing their applications. These can be issues as small as typos or omitted information, or the problem can be that the person doesn’t adhere to legal requirements for the application. For example, the income requirements and citizenship requirements are big ones!

When filing a fiance visa application, there are specific time limits for document gathering, and it is very common for people to have their fiance visa applications rejected for missing these deadlines. Likewise, many people have not met their fiance in person at least once within the preceding two years.

There are other reasons why people get their fiance visa applications rejected. These reasons include criminal records for violence against women, failure to prove intent to marry, and the misrepresentation of facts, documents, or other application-related data.

fiance visa Houston

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fiance visa Houston

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