Elder Abuse Pleasant Hill

Elder Abuse Pleasant Hill

Top Lawyer for Elder Abuse in Pleasant Hill

Elder abuse is a serious problem that many seniors are facing. It can come in the form of physical, emotional, or financial abuse by family members, caretakers, or anyone else who has access to them. In Pleasant Hill, victims of elder abuse have the ability to get help from an experienced lawyer at Mendes Law who can help them take legal action against their abuser.

What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is any physical, psychological or financial mistreatment of a senior. It includes any intentional or negligent act that subjects an elderly person to pain or harm. Common forms of elder abuse include physical violence, neglect and exploitation (financial or otherwise). Other types of elder abuse may involve inappropriate behavior such as sexual harassment and verbal insults. This type of abuse often goes unnoticed and unreported because victims fear retaliation from their abuser and because elders often feel embarrassed and ashamed.

How Mendes Law Can Help Victims Fight Back Against Elder Abuse

At Mendes Law we understand how difficult it can be to experience and report elder abuse in Pleasant Hill, so we take extra steps to ensure that our clients feel safe and secure during the process of filing a lawsuit against the guilty party. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping victims take legal action against their abuser in order to stop any further harm or exploitation. We provide extensive legal services such as consulting on potential lawsuits involving elder abuse, gathering evidence related to any incident, and representing our clients in court if necessary. We also provide support throughout the entire case process up until the final resolution.

Steps To Take if You Suspect Someone Is Being Abused

If you suspect someone is being abused you should take steps to first ensure their safety and then reach out for help from professionals who specialize in dealing with elder abuse cases:

– Call 911 if there is an immediate danger. The police can investigate promptly and may be able to protect the victim from more harm if need be;

– Contact Adult Protective Services (APS). In California APS provides free services including case management assistance for victims of domestic violence;

– Speak with a lawyer at Mendes Law. Our team specializes in taking legal action against abusers on behalf of those affected by elder abuse;

– Talk openly with your loved one about what they are going through. Many elders do not feel comfortable speaking up about what happened but providing supportive listening will help them know they have someone they can trust when it comes time to discuss options like filing a lawsuit against their abuser.

At Mendes Law we believe that no senior deserves to be treated poorly or subjected to any kind of harm regardless of who they are dealing with. If you are affected by elder abuse in Pleasant Hill area there are resources available at Mendes Law that can help you fight back against abusive behavior by filing a lawsuit against those responsible for causing distress and obtaining justice for those affected by it too!

Elder Abuse Pleasant Hill

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