Alcohol Treatment Center Newport Beach

Finding the ideal alcohol treatment center in Newport Beach is ideal for a smooth, safe, and reliable recovery experience. Coastline Behavioral Health offers access to some of the most top-rated addiction rehab centers in Newport Beach. Here are the core aspects that make us unique in the rehab business:

Patient-oriented detox and rehab

Unlike conventional rehab facilities, we steer away from the old one-sided approaches that rarely work when it comes to combating prolonged addiction. We provide patients with personalized detox and rehab via comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis during intake. Every patient undergoes the evaluation treatment, allowing our professionals to assess their condition and recommend optimal treatment for a smooth recovery process.

This approach helps us minimize the withdrawal’s impact and foresee and counter any potential problems during the treatment.

Structured and comprehensive rehab

Most Newport Beach inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers specialize in inpatient care, outpatient assistance, detox, etc. We specialize in all of them. This will remove the need to run between facilities to get the treatment you require, saving you a lot of money, stress, headaches, and time in the process. You can now undergo detox, complete the inpatient program, and sign in additional treatment programs like PHP, IOP, and Sober Living under the same roof.

A unique holistic system

Our drug rehab in Newport Beach uses a holistic protocol to provide patients with a well-rounded rehabilitation experience. This includes a variety of recovery modalities from multiple disciplines, including behavioral therapy, medication, pharmacotherapy, psychology, healthy living, nutrition, workout routines, etc. This innovative approach supports the patient’s body, mind, and spirit, promoting healing, stability, and fast recovery.

How our rehabilitation program works

Our rehab in Newport Beach takes patients through several rehabilitation phases. These include:

  • Phone and on-site clinical evaluation – We assess our patients’ overall health and conditions to tailor the perfect rehab treatment for their situation.
  • Medical detox – Administering medication and therapy to stabilize patients, cleanse their system of toxins, and prepare them for upcoming rehab modalities.
  • Inpatient treatment – The inpatient program is necessary in more advanced addiction cases when the victims struggle with severe withdrawal.
  • Dual diagnosis support – Our CA drug and alcohol rehab program provides extensive dual diagnosis to help patients cope with mental conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, co-dependency, trauma, grief, etc.
  • Outpatient-based programs – Our professionals will recommend additional treatments, depending on your progress, recovery goals, and response to treatment. These may include MAT, PHP, IOP, Sober Living, etc.
  • Extensive social reintegration training – We want our patients to reintegrate into society as positive, active, and stable individuals. Our alcohol treatment center in Newport Beach offers comprehensive aftercare guidance and assistance, including Sober Homes for peer support and developing healthy lifestyle routines.

If you’re ready to quit your life-long addiction and join a life-changing rehabilitation program, we welcome you to Coastline Behavioral Health. Our facility welcomes you in a luxurious, clean, comfortable, and safe facility, where you can focus on healing and rebuilding your future. Accept our help, and your life will take a turn for the better today!

Alcohol Treatment Center Newport Beach

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Alcohol Treatment Center Newport Beach

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